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Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world. Many people spend lots of time on Facebook daily. They read News of all fields, make friends, post statuses and even shopping. Nowadays, Facebook Ads is very popular and the tool that every marketer should use to boost their online business.

Having so many Ads on Facebook, They are too similar for Users to feel boring and ignore these Ads. This is a very simple psychological phenomenon. So, many Ads become blindness points to Users. They don’t click the Ads and We can’t make any sale. It is very dangerous for Internet Marketers because the cost of Facebook Ads is not cheap.

We need a new method to promote our products or services effectively on Facebook. It is very different with previous ads format. And I think that integrating Facebook Ads and Facebook Messenger is very great. Imagine that, When users see an attractive ad has a new format, They will click on it and be moved to a Facebook inbox which has texts, images, call to actions… Even They will chat with you in that inbox. It increases the engagement of Ads with visitors. It means people is very easy to like your Fanpages and buying from you.

But to create a messenger ad you need to know JSON programming. With the tool, you can create rich, graphical ads with images, call to actions and responses. If you don’t have that knowledge, you have to hire a JSON programmer. It is very expensive. You need another method. And today, I introduce you a low-cost method. This is ClickMSG software which helps you create many messenger ads fast, easily and simply. Currently, the price of ClickMSG is 25 dollars ( only up to 30 ads a month) and 47 dollars ( unlimited ads). The cost is much cheaper than hiring a coder in a long time.

ClickMSG Review – Product Overview

Product Name: ClickMSG

Creator Name: Brad Stephens

Launch Date: 2017-Jan-6th

Launch Time: 11:00 am EST

Front-End Price: $27

Niche: Software

Recommended: 100%


What is ClickMSG?

ClickMSG is a brand new powerful software created by Brad Stephens. It allows you create lots of Facebook messenger ads and then send them to your potential customers. After they click on these Ads, They are moved to Facebook inbox to read more with texts, animated gifs… and even chat with you. It is very easy to convert potential customers into real buyers. ClickMSG gets all hard work of JSON programming, the rest work is yours.

ClickMSG has 1 Front End and  3 OTO

Front End – ClickMSG Unlimited

OTO 1 – ClickMSG MsgHero

OTO 2 – ClickMSG Agency

OTO 3 – ClickMSG White Label


What are the Outstanding Features of ClickMSG?

Type and Create Graphical Messenger Ads

With some simple clicks, You can create a professional messenger ad without any programming knowledge or knowing  JSON at all. This saves you time to do other jobs.

Live Preview

After you finish creating an Ad, You can check how your ad will look on the screen of your potential customers. It helps you find any mistake and repair them. This is a simple way to create a professional Ad very fast.

Save & Retrieve Ads Anytime

You can save every ad you create and retrieve them whenever you want. Even edit them and generate JSON from them in seconds. So you can own a huge ads collection which serves your online business.

Easy to Use SAAS

Creating an effective messenger ad is very simple with ClickMSG, even a 10 years old child can also make it. You will be up and running in no time at all. Runs on any computer or smartphone.

Increase Engagement and make sales

When people click on your ads, they will see a personal message on Facebook with anything you want such as texts, images, animated gifs, Call to actions…

They can chat with you in the same box, type in any question and you will answer it instantly. It increases Engagement of potential customers, makes conversion rate higher in converting them into real buyers. You also make the targeted customers become your subscribers of Facebook Fanpage. Growing your list means making more money.

How does ClickMSG work?

There are 3 simple steps you can follow to create a messenger Ad. The entire process of making an ad is in less than 2 minutes.

Step 1 – Create Graphical Messenger Ad on ClickMSG


Step 2 – Export to JSON


Step 3 – Paste Your JSON Code in Facebook & Start Sending Messenger Ads

Frankly, there are hardly any steps. All you need to do is type out a few details and ClickMSG churns out Facebook compatible JSON that you can paste into your Facebook Ad page and run graphical messenger ads instantly.

You could watch Demo video of creating an Ad below:


ClickMSG is a great tool to create effective messenger ads. It allows you get more clicks on ads, more engagement, and more sales without any codes. With ClickMSG, you can also grow your list faster and bigger. Don’t delay, act now to get ClickMSG and make more sales today.

Thank you for reading my ClickMSG review. Hope to see you again. Bye!

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