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As webmasters, the websites are very important online assets. The sites turn traffic into subscribers and customers. If these websites don’t work properly, you will lose traffic, clients and profits. It is very terrible for you and me. So the security for the websites is the most important for the webmasters.

Nowadays, hackers develop lots of amazing techniques. They always try to find the methods to compromise our sites to earn profits. Hackers could send bad bot traffic to our sites to such up our bandwidth and cost us hundreds in hosting overage charges. It is also called DDOS attacks. Besides, they are able to steal visitors’ individual information and credit card data, direct traffic of our sites to their own sites, replace our affiliate links with their own links … These attacks are very dangerous.

5 month ago, one of my sites is attacked by DDOS. It made the site offline and cost me thousands of dollars because of losing daily huge traffic. Furthermore, I also spent thousands of dollars for preventing DDOS. At this time, I felt so awful and anxious.

From the event, I learn an important lesson about increasing security system of the website as good as possible. If I have to spend high cost for the security, I will conduct. Because my revenue was lost by HACKERS is much bigger than the cost of website security system.

One of my internet marketing Co-workers is Matt Garrett who released Cloud Defender. It is a super powerful tool to protect our sites from every attack out there.

Today, I show you the great features of Cloud Defender in the review. Hope you find useful information for yourself.

Cloud Defender Review – Overview

Product Name: Cloud Defender

Creator: Matt Garrett

Launch Date: 2016-Dec-29

Launch Time: 11:00 am EST

Recommended: 100%


What is Cloud Defender?

Cloud Defender is a new product that created by Matt Garrett. It helps you protect your online sites from page scrapers, bad bot traffic, DDOS and other attacks. It also means your site’s data, clients credit card data is safe from the 3rd party. It makes your sites load faster, reduce bounce rate and increase conversions. The sites are online assets which develop faster under the best security.

Cloud Defender has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End – Cloud Defender Developer Edition

OTO1 – Cloud Defender Pro

OTO2 – Blog Defender 2016

OTO3 – Vid Reaper Pro (Yearly)

How about Author?

The man behind the product is Matt Garrett. He is a famous internet marketer in the world. He and his team created a lot of great digital product such as Blog Defender 2016, Instant Article Videos, Blog Book Sale…


Matt Garrett

What are the Outstanding Features of Cloud Defender?

Beginning in January 2017, Google Chrome starts adding warning labels for any websites asking for passwords or credit card information which have not added SSL protection yet.

SSL protection prevents stealing visitors’ credit card data from hackers.

When visitors see the warning labels, They could leave your site immediately because They are afraid of losing the credit card information. So, You will lose a huge traffic. Finally, your sales reduce fast.

Furthermore, Google Chrome is a popular browser with 50 – 60% users. It means if your sites don’t have SSL certificate, you lose 50-60% current traffic instantly. It is very dangerous for your online business.

Cloud Defender allows you get a free SSL certificate for any of your sites easily. Besides, after getting the product, you will be able to add SSL set up for your clients’ sites as a service. It is very wonderful to make an optimal profit because the SSL certificate is a thing which every site should be used.

Some main great features that Cloud Defender bring you below:

Protect your server

Secure your server against bad bot traffic, page scrapers and other hacking. It means that your sites still work properly out of every DDOS attacks. Your sites make profits for you day to day.

Optimise the load times of websites

Preventing bad bot traffic means that decreasing the load time of your sites.

Prevent excess bandwidth overage charges

When you protect your sites from bad traffic,  your sites’ bandwidth aren’t sucked up and you must not pay the hundreds in bandwidth overage charges.

Increase SEO scores

Visitors always like the sites have short load times. They could read all the information of your sites easily and fast. It means you reduce bounce rate and get high SEO scores. Then Google appreciates your sites and they will get the higher positions in search results. You will drive more traffic to your sites and optimise your profits.

Increase conversions

More traffic means more conversions and profit

Ensure your sites stay online, no matter what

Cloud Defender protects your sites from every attack. It means your sites always work properly and stay online

Protect your leads, subscriber details, current and future income

With Cloud Defender, hackers can not steal individual information of your visitors. This makes your sites increase the trust and get more traffic. Then Your income will develop safely.

How does It work?

After you get Cloud Defender, You will receive a guide for setting up with some simple clicks. You only need to install some free plugins and configure your setting.

Why Should You Buy It?

First of all, Cloud Defender ensure your sites safely from every attack as I mentioned above.

Second, The price of the product is very cheap. Moreover, you still add SSL protection for your clients’ sites to maximise the profit.

Third, If you buy it right now,  you will get 30-days money back guarantee from Matt Garrett. And If for any reason you’re not happy with Cloud Defender within 30 days of your small investment, you qualify for the 100% money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Don’t delay. Act now to get the best price and huge profit.

Thank you for reading my Cloud Defender Review, hope to see you again next posts. Bye!

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