Conjure Gram Review – The Perfect Marketing Solution on Instagram

Conjure Gram – Should You Buy It?


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Social media networks are a very important tool to pull traffic to our sites or even sell our products or services directly on. And Instagram is a potential platform to marketing. It has 500 million users, engagement is 10 times higher than Facebook, 58x times higher than Pinterest and 84x higher than twitter. Furthermore, a third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online.

To get a few traffic on Instagram is very easy but to get a huge traffic is very difficult. We have to spend lots of hours, days, weeks, months to post great contents, beautiful images, attractive videos, like, follow others…on Instagram by our hands. We will be fast-exhausted but only get a small amount of targeted traffic. We have to find another method helps us do everything automatically on Instagram.

So today I would like to walk you through my Conjure Gram review. Conjure Gram is a 100% cloud-based tool, do all of Instagram marketing jobs on autopilot and drive lots of targeted traffic floods for your online business.

Conjure Gram Review – Overview

  • Product Name: Conjure Gram
  • Creator Name: Ben Murray
  • Launch Date: 2017-Jan-10
  • Launch Time: 11:00 EST
  • Front-End Price: $42.95
  • Official Sales Page: Click here
  • Niche: Software and Programs
  • Refund: 30-days money back guarantee
  • Recommended: 100%

What is Conjure Gram?

Conjure Gram is a 100% cloud-based Instagram marketing tool created by Ben Murray. He is very famous in internet marketing. The tool allows you publish and schedule your posts, images, videos automatically on Instagram. Moreover, it also enables you to auto-like, auto-comment and auto-follow another people. You don’t need to set up anything on your computer, you work all of the jobs on the website. Set up your Instagram marketing campaigns in minutes and forget it. Conjure Gram does everything for you and sends you statistical reports to analyze What is working effectively or not. So you could improve your campaigns better and get more sales.

Conjure Gram has 1 Front End and only 1 OTO

Front End – Conjure Gram Pro

OTO – Conjure Gram Agency

What are The Outstanding Features of Conjure Gram?

100% Handsfree Scheduling and Re-Scheduling of Image Posts

You can schedule your image posts by the hour, day, month or year and don’t need to set up anything else ( no 3rd party apps, no desktop softwares, no browser extensions). It is great, isn’t it? The function was integrated into the Conjure Gram system.

Moreover, you can choose your posts to schedule many times and get more and more traffic.

Cloud-based & Mobile Friendly

With Conjure Gram, You can create, edit and schedule your Instagram posts anywhere you want such as your house, your companies, coffee shops, super markets, etc because you work all of your jobs online.

Fast Image Editing

You have all tools to edit your images such as trimming, drawing doodles, Inserting overlays, adding watermarks. The ability of customization is endless.

Fast Video Editing

Conjure Gram allows you trim any your videos for the perfect Instagram time length. These videos were created or downloaded from the internet. After trimming the videos, you download them to your computer and post them to your Instagram account.

Run Auto Follow Campaigns

With the tool, you can auto-follow targeted users by hashtags or a geo-location you chose. It means you are growing your followers on autopilot.

Hashtag Spy

Conjure Gram have a good feature is find hot and popular hashtags. Then you should create image posts around these hashtags to get much more traffic from users searching.

Run Auto-Commenting and Sharing Campaigns

When someone likes or comments any your post or influencer posts, Conjure Gram sends their messages automatically with these options you set.

Deep Analytics to See What is working

Conjure Gram send you reports of detailed stats and analytics about the results of all campaigns. So you can know exactly which campaigns or posts is effective to drive traffic. Then, you continue to expand or erase those campaigns or posts.

Connect Multiple Instagram Accounts

With Conjure Gram, you have the ability of the using many different Instagram accounts to market different products or services on Instagram. It is very easy to manage them.

100% Instagram Compliant

Unlike other apps, Conjure Gram is fully compliant with Instagram’s TOS. So you must not worry about your accounts were flagged.

Run Auto Liking Campaigns

If you like relevant images, you can get right targeted followers. With the right followers, you can get more sales. How to let they see you like an image? It is a great feature of Conjure Gram. You can set schedule time to like images you want. Then sell more products and receive more money.

How Does It Work?

With 4  simple steps, You can run every campaign easily on Instagram to build and own an asset of millions of dollars

Step 1: Set up the auto campaigns

Step 2: Dig out the viral hashtags and ideas

Step 3: Active the auto campaigns

Step 4: Rinse and repeat for constant-growing traffic

To understand to use Conjure Gram in more details, Watch the demo video below:


Conjure Gram is a powerful tool to build our online business on Instagram. It has full function to grow our followers faster and bigger. Your brand was spread very fast. Many people will know you, like you and buy from your online shops. Moreover, You can also get your customers email addresses via driving traffic to your sites. With these email lists, You can use email marketing tactics to get more sales and forever.

Thank you for reading my Conjure Gram review. Bye!

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