How to Create a Youtube Channel


What is the purpose of creating a youtube channel?

With a youtube channel, you could upload unlimited videos to it. Then you do SEO for these videos to rank them on the top of Youtube. Higher you rank them, more traffic you get traffic. Next, you drive traffic to your sites to make sales or earn money from Google Adsense. Moreover, if you have lots of high-quality videos, you could also get a huge likes, comments and shares. And on these your videos, you set up the ads from youtube to make money as youtube partners.

It is very important that youtube channel is the tool for sharing knowledge to everybody. I usually use youtube to learn and sharing my knowledge. People always digest information very fast through videos than any other content (such as images, texts)

How to make a youtube channel?

First of all, you should register a Gmail account via the link: It is very simple that you need to fill your personal information in that form. Then, You have a Gmail account with your username and password.

Next, You go into Then, click “setting button” near “creator studio” to create a channel.


Then, You click “see all my channels or create a new channel” like below:


Next, you click ” create a new channel” like below:


Then, you name your channel like below:


Then, you upload images for avatar and cover of the channel. Besides, you also fill the channel description information:


Then, you upload video to your channel by click button below:


Finally, You finished creating your own youtube channel.

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