FlickDramatizer Review

FlickDramatizer – Should You Buy It?


Nowadays, videos become more popular on the internet. And the marketing trend is the video marketing. Videos show full information to viewers and it makes people digest information easier and faster than other content.  But boring videos can also cut down the attention of viewers and drop off.

We have to create stunning videos to keep visitors watching, attract clicks, likes, shares… and earn more sales and money. But creating amazing videos is not simple and easy. In the past, I used to hire videographers to work for me. It costs me hundreds of dollars and I have to wait for days to receive videos I want.

One day, I found a brand new revolutionary software which helps me create attractive videos very easy and fast. The tool not only saves me time, effort and money in creating videos but also get viral traffic to my sites through video sharing networks. So I can make more sales and double my revenue every day.

This tool is FlickDramatizer released by Andrew Darius et al. Today, I show you the fantastic features of FlickDramatizer and helps you decide the software is worth to buy or not.

FlickDramatizer Review – Product Overview

Vendor: Andrew Darius et al

Product: FlickDramatizer

Launch Date: 2017-Feb-07

Launch Time: 11:00 EST

Front-End Price: $47

Sales Page: FlickDramatizer

Niche: Software

Recommend: 100%

What is FlickDramatizer?

FlickDramatizer is a powerful software created by Andrew Darius. It enables you to create amazing videos from initial original videos or images. You choose a video or image to upload into the software, select a dramatization effect and FlickDramatizer will convert it into a new fascinating video. New videos easily go viral and get lots of views, likes, shares on social networks.

With FlickDramatizer, You easily build successful Youtube channels, get clicks of Facebook Ads and finally you earn more money.

FlickDramatizer has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End – FlickDramatizer App ($37)

OTO 1 – Overlay Club + Recurring ($39-$139)

OTO 2 – FlickDramatizer Commercial ($97)

OTO 3 – Graph Player ($47/year, $67/year, $97/year)

Who is the author of FlickDramatizer?

They are Andrew Darius and his team. Besides, They created many other useful tools for internet marketing such as Explaindio, Vinci3D, etc. The small team started in 2014 and become big now.

What are the Great Features of FlickDramatizer?

Save You Time and Money

Usually, you have to spend $500 for a dramatized video and wait for some days to receive it But with the software, You only loose $37 to own it and create unlimited dramatized videos and it only takes some minutes to have a new video.

Create Freedom For You

FlickDramatizer is set up on your computer and it’s not cloud-based. So You can create videos without internet connection. You are freedom, not belong to Internet connect.

Supplies Many Effects to Your Videos, Keep Attention of People and Make Your Videos Go Viral

The software has 270 alluring animated and static effects with dynamic in and out focus to keep viewers engaged. And these videos are the videos that people want to watch and share.

Make Your Posts and Ads More Outstanding than Your Competitors, Make You More Money

FlickDramatizer creates many dramatized videos which are more outstanding than boring videos of other competitors. So they keep people watching, get you more views, likes and shares, pins, tweets and finally, your videos go viral very fast on social media platforms, You can make lots of sales and earn lots of money.

How Does It Work?

There are 3 simple steps to make an incredibly dramatized video with FlickDramatizer

Step 1 – Import a video

Select a video from your computer.

This video will import automatically into the proper format.

Step 2 – Select a dramatization effects

Scroll through effects, Choose an effect, and tweak it.

Step 3 – Render video ( up to 4k)

Select video frame and resolution, and click render.

Checkout FlickDramatizer in Action:

Who needs to use FlickDramatizer?

All marketers have one of the characteristics below:

  • Want to save time, effort and money in creating videos.
  • Want to create fascinating videos to attract viewers.
  • Want to create videos which go viral on different social networks and get views, likes, and shares.
  • Want to get traffic to their sites through dramatized videos.
  • Want to build successful Youtube channels.
  • Want to decrease the cost of running facebook ads by using dramatized videos.
  • Want to have lots of free time to do whatever they like.
  • Want to make more sales and earn more money.
  • Want to become rich and free.
  • Want to have lots of free time to do whatever they like.

FlickDramatizer Review – Conclusion

With this software, I can develop my youtube channel to become more popular and get more views and earn more money as a Youtube Partner. Besides, I also use youtube to pull traffic to my sites, get more emails and make more sales. Because having more emails, I make more sales through Email Marketing method. And when I run Facebook Ads, I save lots of money because using dramatized videos.

If you need more traffic, more sales, You should use FlickDramatizer. Thank you for reading my FlickDramatizer review. Goodbye!

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