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You could watch the demo video of Social Vid Press WordPress Plugin below:

How to make more sales for my site? It is always a big problem for me. I have to learn, test and analyse to find out the formulas for increasing sales for my site.

Where are SALES from? They are from Traffic. This is a thing all marketers know. The TRAFFIC is the flood that keeps any online business up and running. No traffic means no sale. If you get more traffic, you will earn more sales and increase more revenue.

Where is the TRAFFIC from? There are 3 ways to get traffic include: Paid ads, SEO/Organic and Social networks

Paid Ads is ads you have to pay money for them ( such as Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook or any other network) to get traffic. Payment is not cheap in a long time.

SEO/Organic is a long process in optimising on-page and build links for your site. It has lots of hard parts. You have to research keywords, hire or write the great content, optimise on-page, build internal links and inbound links day by day. You have to win lots of competitors to get #1-3 ranking on Google’ search results. With #1-3 ranking on search results, you are able to get the traffic to make sales and increase your revenue. The process is very difficult and you have to work hard day after day.

Social media networks are such as GooglePlus, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram…. When you publish the appealing content on them, You will get “go-viral” from these content. People like, share the content and repeat to continue like and share them. It is fantastic for you to get a huge traffic extremely fast from Social media platforms with the lowest cost.

So I extremely like to use Social networks to make “go viral” for my content. Wait a second! What do people love to like and share? They are videos. You see… video has a magical effect on viewers and customers. It’s been proven time and time again that video is the best way to engage your audience. It converts 2 times better and brings in 30% more traffic than any other strategy out there. In fact, studies show that 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

Therefore you should use videos for all your posts and then publish posts (attach videos) on all social media networks. How to optimise your posts on social networks with headlines, videos and images?

Today, I would like to introduce you a software which helps you choose headlines, images and videos to go viral for your posts on all Social media platforms. It is Social Vid Press software/ WordPress Plugin.

Social Vid Press Review – Overview

 Vendor  Alex Costan, Ciprian Macovei and lonut Macovei
 Product Name Social Vid Press
Launch Date 2016-Dec-21
Launch Time 11:00 EST
Front-End Price $27-$67
Sales Page Visit the Sale Page Now
Niche SEO & Traffic, Software, Plugin
Recommended  100%


What is Social Vid Press?

Social Vid Press is a powerful and amazing WordPress plugin which allows you to create the social split tests. It controls the content being shown on social media when people shares your posts or pages. Then Social Vid Press automatically rotates through all the videos, headlines and images you added to a post or a page. Based on the inbound traffic from each video/headline/image, It will then prioritise those that help you to drive the most traffic. So you also understand that which headline, which video and which image get best effective in driving traffic to your site.

Social Vid Press has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

What are the great features of Social Vid Press?

Go beyond the standard A/B testing

Split Social is not your typical A/B test.

It’s backed by algorithms that allow you to test multiple variations without worrying about sample size, testing duration or statistical significance.

Our plugin is constantly working behind the scenes to finely tune your results as soon as it gets them.

Video Split Testing

The video is a powerful tool to get a huge traffic to the sites because Video is a tool to show information best. It is a super-easily digested information type. Some experts say that 80% of web content will be video by 2019.

What are you waiting for? You should use Videos to pull in traffic for your sites from Social media networks. Social Vid Press allow you to design lots of tests with different videos in driving traffic from Social media platforms. The tool shows you which video get the most traffic.

Image Split Testing

Do you know about Mind maps Method of Tony Buzan? It is an example below:


When I learn and work, I always use Mind maps. It helps me to get clear ideas and plans. So I control my learning and work best. The outstanding feature of Mind maps method is images. An image is worth 1000 words. Using image help you work faster and more effectively.

What I want to say that Image is the tool to show information effectively. People like them. Choose the right image for your new article will get you the most traffic via publishing these posts on all Social Networks. But To find out the right image is very difficult. Social Vid Press will do that job super-easy and effectively. When you run the test between 2,3 or maybe 10 great images, Social Vid Press will show you which one brings in the most traffic.

Headline Split Testing

How headlines are important in getting clicks? When users ask Google some queries  🙂 , Google will answer them a URL long list of Search Results. Which URL will users click? They are these URLs have attractive titles and descriptions.  I want to say that a headline is one of the most important factors on a webpage. The more attractive headlines are, the more traffic the posts get.

How to choose the best headline for your post? Social Vid Press will help you do that. After you set up many different headlines for the same post to run a test, Social Vid Press will show you which headline get the most traffic and the tool will automatically use that headline for the post on all Social Networks.

Build – in Analytics

Social Vid Press creates the key data for users. So Users easily and quickly understand the customers. This is the basis to allow Users to make the smarter decisions to get the most traffic. It means they also get biggest profits.

Auto Optimization

Social Vid Press will run the test on full autopilot and will automatically select the winner and from that point only show the winning element to all future visitors.

Unlimited Split Tests

Social Vid Press doesn’t want to “nickel & dime” you. So It is different to other services. The tool will never cap the number of experiments you can create.


Social Vid Press doesn’t harm your permalinks. It only adds a short parameter to your URLs for tracking. Besides, The change will be the copy inside of your H1 tag as well as the headline copy that people share.

If you remove Social Vid Press, your links still continue to work normally not to face any obstacle.

No more calculators, calendars or spreadsheets

Social Vid Press is a very convenient tool. After you set up it, you could forget it. You could use it to test headlines, images or videos only with some simple clicks. You don’t need to calculate any things. The job is worked by Social Vid Press. It will show and apply the best elements automatically to help you get the most traffic. More traffic means more sales.

How Does It Work?

I would like to show you how to use Social Vid Press for Social split tests. They are some simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Log in Social Vid Press.
  • Step 2: Choose a post or page you want to test.
  • Step 3: Choose the test types you want such as headlines, videos and images
  • Step 4: Run tests and get the results.
  • Step 5: Analyse the results and make a decision

I showed the main steps but You could also watch DEMO VIDEO for details below:

Why should you buy it?

The video is the most interesting content all people like. With videos, People are very easy to digest information. Video-attaching posts on FaceBook is easy to get lots of reactions from everybody such as likes, comments and shares. These great content will be viral extremely fast on Facebook or any other Social Media Networks. So you could get more traffic with the cost is lower.

I would like to show you 4 great benefits with Social Vid Press below:

Qualify your Audience

The tool helps you to get access the right audiences. It means you could get quality traffic. Of course, the conversion rate is higher.

Get as much traffic as possible

The headlines, images and videos are the right make you get the most traffic as possible because of the very fast viral spread.

Make much more sales

Get more traffic from the right potential customers means to get more sales.

Save time and money

Social Vid Press is the best tool to optimise your posts on all Social Networks for getting the most traffic and sales as possible. And of course, this saves more time and money.

Buy it right now to get huge bonuses including:

Bonus #1: FB App Legal Doc Creator – $17 Value

Bonus #2: WP Social Locker – $17 Value

Bonus #3: WP Optin Engine – $37 Value

Good Price and Money Back Guarantee

Social Vid Press will be launched on 2016-Dec-21 at 11:00 EDT. The price at that time is $17.30 but the price is still increasing at the time I am writing. Moreover, It has 30 days no asked question money back guarantee. You have got nothing to lose. Don’t delay, act right now to get the biggest profits.

How to Buy Social Vid Press?

First of all,  you could choose a package you want from “What is Social Vid Press” section.

Next, complete your order and fill this form to get bonuses from me.

Finally, You will wait to get Social Vid Press and huge bonuses from the author and me. I will deliver my bonuses to you within 24-48 hours.

If you need any support, Don’t hesitate to contact me. I am very glad to help you.

Thank you for your reading my Social Vid Press Review. See you later at next my other reviews.

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