How to Use Forums to Get Backlinks and Drive Traffic for Your Site

Forums are communities have people join in to learn, share and help to solve problems of others in the job and life. Eventually, we can get targeted traffic from forums. I appreciate this traffic resource because of its quality and quantity. If your site is a new one, the forum is an effective way to promote your site to targeted audience.

In general, with forums, we can get backlinks and traffic. How to use forums effective to do it? I would like to share you some my tips for it.

1. Find out relevant forums for your site

You should only find and join in relevant forums for leaving signature backlinks. If you leave too many backlinks in your signature in irrelevant forums, your site will be penalised by Google in the future because your action violates Google’s webmaster guidance.

How to find these relevant forums. You can search on Google with [“your keywords” + forums] or [“your keyword” + “forum list”.

Then, you should check forums for some criteria such as relevant content, high DA PA, active members, signature leaving allowing.

Each forum always has content for a specific kind of audience. For example, forums for SEOers, forums for designers, forums for coders, etc. You should visit each forum to decide they is suitable to your site or not.

High-quality backlinks are backlinks on pages have high PA, DA. If you don’t know what PA and DA are, you can read this page to understand these parameters. To check DA, PA, I use Mozbaz addon for Chrome browser. I often choose forums have DA is up 40 for my backlinks.

There are some forums spammers operate strongly. You are very difficult to find out the value in these forums. Spammers often make stupid topics and answer generally. You shouldn’t join in these forums because they will only give your site to Google’ penalties in the future. In other words, you can join in forums have a lot of active members, approximate no spammers. So you can drive a huge amount of high-quality traffic to your site to make leads and sales.

There are some forums allow you set up backlinks in your signature and some forums don’t allow. If you would like to drive traffic to your site easily and quickly, you should choose forums have users set up backlinks in their signature. Backlinks have dofollow attribute is better for SEO than nofollow one. I often use Nofollow addon of Chrome Brower to check this attribute.

2. How to set up backlinks in forum signature

After joining in a forum, you should read and understand forum’s rules. It helps you not violate their rules and not be banned. As usual, you have to make a specific amount of posts to set up your signature for backlinks. How many posts? It belongs to each forum and is often from 20 to 50 posts. Remember one thing, you shouldn’t post over 10 posts a day to avoid to be banned from admins. You should make clickable backlinks in your signature. They are call-to-action buttons and make visitors are curious and click on them.

signature example

Besides, you shouldn’t forget to set up your profile with full information and avatar because some members can go to your profile to know more about you. A good profile makes visitors click on the bio link to get to owner’s website.

3. How to drive traffic from forums to your blog

Traffic from forums to your blog via two way is your signature and your profile link. So, how to do it? As usual, people click on links in your signature because they are curious about you and your blog. They realise that you are an expert and would like to learn more from your blog, so they click on these links.

The problem is you have to build your personal brand in the forums which have your targeted audience. And to build your brand, you have to be an active member in adding more value to forums. You can help others by answering their questions. Besides, you can also make great tutorials for others. People learn more from you. They love you, go to your blog to discover and even promote your blog to their audience or friends. So, you can drive more traffic to your blog and even get more natural backlinks from other blogs.

Moreover, there is one tip to make people are curious about you and click links on your signature quickly. You can make threads about hot topics people are passionate to discuss. They are important problems and their solutions bring a lot of value for readers.

There is another way to drive a huge amount of targeted traffic from forums to your blog is to use PPC. You lay your advertisements on these forums and drive traffic to pages collecting emails. Then, you can run email marketing campaigns, drive traffic to your blog and make sales.

4. Some forum lists for Backlinks and Traffic (Updating)

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If you know other forums, you can leave them in the comment section. Thank you for your contribution.

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