Content Rocket Review

Content Rocket Review

Content Rocket Review – Should You Buy It?


Content is the most important factor in building a website. No good content means a few traffic and low conversion rate. And of course, we can only earn a few money. No internet marketers like this.

As many other marketers, I always want to create the best content in my niche. It makes me become an authority. If Many people love my content, I will get more traffic than any competitors and get the most money. But money is not all for me, my main purpose of building blog is learning and sharing my knowledge with others. They are also fellows. It makes me feel happier than earning money.

There are many ways to have the best content such as writing yourself, hiring experts, using softwares. With different purposes, I will use suitable solution. Sometimes, I need to create new content for my sites using new sources such as youtube videos. There are many tools to help us do it, But I personally like Content Rocket.

And today I would like to suggest you Content Rocket WordPress Plugin and will tell you which reasons I love this tool.

What is Content Rocket?

Content Rocket is a WordPress Plugin that allows you create unique and engagement content from Youtube Video subtitles. Besides, the tool also automatically adds a post title from a video title, insert a featured image of that post from a video thumbnail, add post tags from video tags, bold keywords. New content is created from more 80 languages.

What are The Great Features of Content Rocket?

Unique Content Generation

Content Rocket creates a new post by extracting content from YouTube subtitle in seconds. So new content is unique and you can easily check it by using copyscape (

Creating New Posts in Over 80 Languages

After you choose video you want, then select a language for your posts ( this plugin supplies you with over 80 languages)

Automatic Scheduling and Formatting

Content Rocket supplies you some options to embed YouTube video, add featured image to blog post, add post to custom category, content alignment, bold keywords, read more tags, video title as blog post title and plenty more.

Creating Readable Content from YouTube

Content Rocket extracts content completely from YouTube as paragraphs, not spin content, not rearrange paragraphs. So the content is very readable and understandable.

How Does It Work?

It is very easy for you to use Content Rocket because Author simplifies this tool for you. Only watch below video to master this tool for your business:

Who Needs to Use Content Rocket?

All site owners who have one of the characteristics below:

  • Want to create new content for their blogs very fast.
  • Want to save time, effort, and effort to create a new content.
  • Want to create a lot of content in short time with some clicks of the mouse.
  • Want to build big authority site in a short time.
  • Want to get more traffic from YouTube.
  • Want to create new content indexed fast by Google.
  • Want to create lots of readable, attractive content easily.
  • Want to create new unique content on autopilot.

Content Rocket Review – Conclusion

With Content Rocket, I built my sites become big authority sites in a short time, automatically create new content for my blogs, makes my articles indexed fast by Google, get more and more traffic from YouTube, don’t hire experts but own new high -quality unique content and doubled my revenue after the first month.

Thank you for reading my Content Rocket Review. Hope to see you again next articles.

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